Why I Do What I Do…

tightropewalker    A Balancing Act

Disorganization is not a character flaw, it’s merely a temporary problem that just needs a solution.  

Together, we are going to create those solutions for you, and I will teach you how to maintain a peaceful and uncluttered space, which you very much deserve.  It’s in this new perspective of balancing your possessions and your time, that you will finally see life’s great possibilities!

Ever since I was very young, I’ve felt compelled to improve and beautify spaces. Changing my room around every few weeks, playing Tetris with the furniture to make the best use of my space, and sorting my comic books so I could easily find the issue I wanted, was only where it began.

My friends, usually buried under clothestoys, trash, schoolwork papers, often couldn’t come out to play until their rooms were clean. So I would whisk through their spaces and tidy for them with lightning speed, to get them out of confinement. I was happy to do it, and proud of doing a great job, too!

I grew up in a busy household with 6 brothers and sisters, with many activities to scramble off to, mountains of laundry to climb, toys to sort, conflicting schedules to work out, dinners to set the table for, continuous birthday parties to throw…just getting all of us going on a simple outing required a strategy worthy of moving an army!

Though I come from a family of artists, I studied psychology in college, becoming fascinated with Human Factors, and how a person can improve their productivity in a motivated environment. After graduation, I followed a healthy path of artistic adventure, positive attitudes, and mindful living. This led me to a twenty-year career in the art industry as a puppet maker for stop-motion animation.  For years, I created complex models against impossible deadlines, and with ever-changing materials. I found ways to streamline just about everything I did on the production line, and in life in general. My quest for improving efficiency has never stopped!

Now with a family of my own, and years of experience in balancing all that life can throw at one person, I’m thrilled to help others learn ways to streamline their own busy lives. But helping you get organized will be more than just tidying up here and there. It’s more about getting to know how you process information, how you remember and categorize things naturally, and focusing on what’s really needed to make your life the most comfortable, and  productive it can be.