Why Organize?

work-life balance Mills-Scofield

There are MANY life-changing situations where you can benefit from my services…

Moving • Are you about to make a big (or small) move to a new space and you need to pare down what you have to start your new life? I can help you decide which treasures will make the journey and ensure their safe arrival with careful, thoughtful packing. I also help with home staging before you start showing your old home to prospective buyers.   Or have you just moved into the area and need help unpacking your new home? Now is the perfect time to set up your house in a highly functional way. Exploring how you can work smarter in a new space is fun. 

Marriage • More and more people are hitching their wagons to one another later in life, after they have established households already. Getting married, especially if it’s a second marriage, can mean two households full of tools, dishes, and keepsakes are about to merge.  Do you really need two blenders and two lawn mowers? I will help you purge, sort, and set up your home with the best of what you both have to offer.

Retirement • Are you lucky enough to now be in retirement? You may find that downsizing your home presents a challenge that you’ll need my help with.  We will figure out what to do with the stacks of papers from your former career, or studies. And then we’ll set up your home or workspace in a way that reflects your needs during this transitional life change.

Senior Citizen Moves • Are you, or are your elderly parent(s) moving to an assisted living situation? This is a time where you, or your loved ones have a lot of decisions to make about family heirlooms and a lifetime’s collection of special mementos. In some cases, there might be a vehicle to deal with, tools, books, a house to stage in order to sell. Hiring a professional takes the burden off you and your family so you can focus on the move.

Divorce • If you are a parent who is going through divorce, there are special organizing challenges to consider.  Your child or children may have two separate homesteads to travel between.  Since keeping their lives stable is most likely your biggest concern, my goal is to help you set up your new space to make them feel that their “second home” is as comfortable, as this is a fragile time of your kids’ lives. My personal experience is that the adjustment period after divorce can be rocky, but I have practical skills you can learn, that will help make your transition into co-parenting an easier experience.

Empty Nesting • The kids grew up in a blink of an eye and have now suddenly gone off to college.  This can be a time of deep sorrow, and yet, great joy!  You’ve always wanted a home office, or an art studio, or maybe a guest room, and now that the kids are gone, their room can be transformed into whatever you need.  I take the task of dealing with this change off your hands, and help improve the new feeling of your renewed space.

Widowhood • Losing a spouse is a an incredibly devastating life change, and can unfortunately leave people with numerous, seemingly daunting tasks. There are bills and paperwork to keep track of, finances to balance, along with other household tasks that might’ve been taken care of by the lost, loved one. With compassion, and understanding of this deep loss, my help in learning how to keep the house running, and staying organized, will be a comfort to those who feel they cannot do it alone.

Busy SuperMom or SuperDad • You are doing it all! The kids are in school, they have tons of activities to go to and from, you are a busy stay-at-home parent, or working full-time away from home, -the calendar is so full of appointments for the family members, you need one in every room!  You get the picture by now, and this picture is of you. If you feel that you life is hectic and you can’t find a moment of spare time to just relax, then you definitely need me.  I will help you find time, that’s right – find time! that is for you to relax, to have peace and quiet for yourself, or with your spouse, or more family together time if that is your goal.  Organizing your home and tweaking its existing systems can free up your time to spend, not just catching your breath, but in a quality manner the way you want.  Small increments of change can really add up, so if this is your life situation, please,  before you run out of the last bit of energy it would take to pick up the phone, call me!